The Cat Stamps

A while back, I checked out from the library the book The Quartzite Trip by William Hogan, a coming-of-age novel from the 1980s about a class trip into the desert. I found this on the title page:

Cat Stamp

The Cat Stamp

A little weird, but whatever. A kid playing, perhaps, or someone wanting to test out their new…cat stamp. I read a few chapters, and then found this:

Why are its whiskers so lopsided?

Okay, someone’s really into this cat stamp.

A few chapters later, this happened:

Tuna, tuuuuna.

I think they’re trying to hypnotize me.

The cats were starting to look a little creepy. Why were their whiskers so lopsided? Where were their ears? Why were there four of them when we were only at part two

The placement of cat stamps continued to get more and more random…and somewhat menacing.

One-eyed cat stamp

One-eyed cat stamp

Cat face cut in half?!

Cat face cut in half?!

They're closing in!

They’re closing in!

Finally, near the end, I discovered this:

Please say this is just a blurry cat stamp.

Please say this is just a blurry cat stamp.